Price: $125 ($150 laminated)
  Available from Raven Maps or the University of Oregon
  Currently SOLD OUT! New prints available after December 8, 2014,

The University of Oregon and Raven Maps have teamed together to bring you the finest ever reproduction of the renowned Nolli Map of Rome. Vastly superior in cartographic detail, size, and quality of remastering to any previous single-sheet print of the Nolli Map, this is a true collector's piece.

Perfect for the home or office of anyone with sophisticated tastes and a discriminating eye, it is a delight to Rome enthusiasts, historians, architects, and map lovers alike. Beautiful as well as functional, the map works equally well for the modern traveller who wishes to navigate the city as it was in 1748, and still largely remains today. Despite dramatic advances in cartographic technology, no modern single sheet map of the city provides the same level of detail of the Eternal City.


A small, dedicated team of award-winning cartographers and architects at the University of Oregon have meticulously removed 18th century printing imperfections and blemishes due to age -- barely noticeable but critical when examined with a trained eye. The digitally remastered map, rendered as a single, uniform document without seams, is the first of its type. Created with 21st century technology, it rigorously honors the cartographic clarity and integrity of the display as drawn manually by Nolli over the course of nearly a decade.

The map is large. At approximately two-thirds the original size, it measures 45 inches by 52.6 inches (114cm x 133cm). It is printed at a scale of 1:4,500, where 1 inch equals 375 feet.

Produced to the highest standards in mind, the edition is printed with stochastic screening on 100 lb Finch Fine paper. Stochastic screening is recognized for its superior representation of fine lines and tonal values, and is commonly used for printing high quality black and white photography. The process (in which printed dots are spread randomly throughout the image area instead of in a grid pattern) yields a warmer, less mechanical result perfect for a map of this vintage. A process black ink was used for the printed area and an antique tint lends the map an elegant look and feel.

Map Index

In its original printing, Nolli included an index of 1,320 sites in the city. The complete index is accessible on this website. By referencing a number on the map, you can determine the name, type of structure, location, period of construction, architect and more (e.g. St. Peter's NN1285).

Read more about the map here.

How to purchase the map

NOTE: We recently sold out of the map and are in the process of getting it reprinted. The new prints will be available to ship by December 8, 2014.

The map will be available from Raven Maps (1-800-237-0798) and the University of Oregon (541-346-3176).

Interested in becoming a reseller?

If you are interested in becoming a retailer or distributor, please contact us at (541) 346-3176. Maps are available to purchase at a reduced rate in quantities of 25 or more.

Coming Soon: Full Scale Map ($400)

For the most discerning customers, we are currently developing an exquisite original scale version of the map that will be approximately 70 inches x 84 inches. You will make a distinctive impression on audiences at home or in the studio, filling a large wall with this cartographic masterpiece perfectly true to the original designer's eye. Available in early 2015 for $400. Contact us for more details at (541) 346-3499.

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