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Credits and Acknowledgements

Notes on the Principal Contributors

James Tice, principal investigator, is an Associate Professor of Architecture at the University of Oregon and a Research Fellow at Studium Urbis. As a teacher, scholar and architect, he has devoted 30 years to the study of Italian architecture and urbanism. He has lived in Rome for three years, one of which was spent studying at the American Academy, and has taught a variety of courses specifically focusing on the architecture and urbanism of Rome. He has served as Director for the Department of Architecture's Rome Summer Program where he has also participated as a visiting faculty on several occasions. The author has established his expertise on Giambattista Nolli through his writings and international conference presentations. He has co-authored two books on architecture the latter devoted to computer generated visualization techniques for teaching.

Erik Steiner hold the title of Dynamic Cartography Researcher at the InfoGraphics Lab in the Department of Geography at the University of Oregon. His design and research work has won multiple national and international awards. Specializing in interactive cartography, he has given several workshops and taught courses on the topic, as well as publishing the Atlas of Oregon CD-ROM in 2002 and Oregon Geographic Names CD-ROM in 2003. His research interests are in cognitive science, particularly related to the theory behind and usability of geovisualization tools.

Dr. Allan Ceen is Professor of Urban Studies at Pennsylvania State University, sede di Roma and is the Director of Studium Urbis. He has written extensively on the subject of Giambattista Nolli and is recognized as one of the world’s foremost authorities on the subject.

Mark Brenneman is a Graduate Student in Architecture with 15 years experience in computer graphics and applications.

Also contributing:

Virginia Cartwright, for design consultation and encouragement

Ben Humphrey, InfoGraphics Lab, for his role in building core database and web functionality

Steven Lamb, for assistance in designing an online data management tool

Eric Sproles, InfoGraphics Lab, for his help in designing and implementing the geodatabase data model and contributions to the web design


We would like to acknowledge the following for their generous support:

North West Academic Computing Consortium (NWACC)

The Board of Visitors at the School of Architecture and Allied Arts

The Office of the President at the University of Oregon under the auspices
of the Instructional Technology Initiative

Space Imaging, who generously provided a high-resolution satellite image for use in data compilation, registration, and display.

We would also like to thank:

John Reynolds, Professor Emeritus for the generous use of his original Nolli map print.

The InfoGraphics Lab in the Department of Geography and especially Jim Meacham, the Director of the InfoGraphics Lab for expert advice, consultations and encouragement.

The Department of Architecture and the Office of the Dean at the School of Architecture and Allied Arts and especially to Karen Johnson for her encouragement during the early stages of this project.

The Office of the President, and especially Russ Tomlin for his encouragement.

Earl Moursund for the exchange of ideas about Rome and his patient and insightful advice and encouragement in Rome during the early phases of this project.