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This module treats the Nolli map as a work of art with profound historical impact and as a document of extraordinary scientific and technical significance. The map’s history, preparation, scientific and technical innovations as well as its sophisticated means of graphic representation constitute the core of this thematic module. The significance of the map to contemporary urban design theories serves to underscore its continuing legacy for creative endeavors.

Feature Articles

Nuova Pianta di Roma Data in Luce da Giambattista Nolli l'anno MDCCXLVII
Allan Ceen
Pennsylvania State University Department of Architecture

This article investigates the history of the map and how it was made, including the events leading up to the publication of the map in 1748

The Nolli Map as Artifact
Allan Ceen & Jim Tice
Department of Architecture, University of Oregon

The Nolli map is composed of 12 nearly equal sized plates, each measuring approximately 80 cm by 54 cm with the assembled map at 176 cm by 208 cm. This article describes in detail these such components of the map, treated as a historical artifact.

The Nolli Map and Urban Theory
Jim Tice
Department of Architecture, University of Oregon

This article explores how Nolli's plan reveals the topographic and spatial structure of the city, which counters a tendency in contemporary architectural criticism to examine objects outside the very context which give them life and meaning.