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This module interprets the built environment of the city in two broad areas: one at the scale of the building, the other at the scale of the city. In addition these places are discussed typologically within the general categories of infrastructure (engineering achievements) and architecture/urban design. Because of the intimate and reciprocal relationship that exists between built form and space in Rome, the goal is to examine both the artifact and the intervening space.

This module explores ancient monuments, famous churches and palaces but also less celebrated but essential institutions such as schools, hospitals, customs’ houses, prisons, theatres and more. The intention is to demonstrate the significance of the built environment and its relationship to both natural and social factors.

Feature Articles

The Walls of Rome
Jim Tice & Allan Ceen
Department of Architecture, University of Oregon

The wall circuits of Rome provide a frame of reference for the city both as a measure of its growth and prosperity and also as a testament to the vicissitudes of a great city, its image of itself and the practical needs for security during times of travail and even during times of peace.